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HP 8 1401

In an effort to enter the booming budget tablet segment, HP has just launched its new 1401 tablet in the U.S. It doesn’t come with a very impressive hardware sheet, but makes up for it with the pricing. At $169.99 HP 8 1401 is certainly worth a look. Read on for more on the hardware specifications.


Even though Android has been dominating the smartphone marketshare, the tablet wars are a completely different story as the iPad is clearly the most popular device while all Android tablets are struggling to gain significant usage.

In a new report from the Chitika Ad Network, Apple’s iPad now accounts for 81% of U.S. tablet web traffic. The iPad is so far ahead of the Android tablets, that even if you combined the top 3 performing Android tablets marketshare, they still would look insignificant next to the iPad’s numbers.