The iPad Accounts For 81% Of U.S. Tablet Web Traffic, Kindle Fire Grabs 7.7% [Chart]


Even though Android has been dominating the smartphone marketshare, the tablet wars are a completely different story as the iPad is clearly the most popular device while all Android tablets are struggling to gain significant usage.

In a new report from the Chitika Ad Network, Apple’s iPad now accounts for 81% of U.S. tablet web traffic. The iPad is so far ahead of the Android tablets, that even if you combined the top 3 performing Android tablets marketshare, they still would look insignificant next to the iPad’s numbers.

After the iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets control 7.7% of the web traffic marketshare, with Samsung Galaxy tablets and Google Nexus tablets garnering 3.9% and 1.7%.

In terms of overall marketshare, Android tablets have been gaining ground on the iPad recently, but their users still aren’t surfing the web as often as iOS users. The iPad is still the only tablet that truly competes with PCs for popularity right now, but Amazon’s Kindle Fire is starting to make up some ground. Analysts believe that tablet sales will surpass PC sales by 2015.