Latest Android Numbers Remind Us Why It’s Important To Purchase A Nexus Device

The latest Android distribution numbers are out, reminding us why we prefer Nexus devices. Although the number of Android 4.0 devices nearly doubled since last month, they remain embarrassing low. It’s been six months since Ice Cream Sandwich melted its way into our hearts yet only 4.9% of Android devices accessing the Google Play Store were running it.

In other tasty treat news: Gingerbread remained the leading version of Android with a total of 64.4% of devices running it (up .7%); Eclair gained 5% believe it or not; Froyo saw a 2.2% drop, while the rest of the dessert tray remained frozen in time.

While it’s nice to see Ice Cream Sandwich gain anything, it’s pretty sad that it still doesn’t outrank Eclair. Yes, the Android 4.0 numbers will go up, but not as fast as they should. There’s a whole lot of Android users out there missing out on the amazing improvements Google introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich and it’s the exact reason I’m ecstatic that Google has begun selling Nexus devices again.

See you next month!