Apple Chomps Out Android App Discovery From Chomp Engine

Earlier in the year, Apple acquired app discovery engine Chomp in an effort to improve app discoverability in their App Store. As we all know, discovering apps among the hundreds of thousands that populate popular app stores can sometimes be a chore, so it would make sense for Apple to acquire such a company as Chomp. However, Chomp also improved app discoverability of Android apps and since Apple’s acquisition we’ve wondered if this would one day change. Well, guess what? That day has come and it looks like Apple has chomped out Android app discoverability completely.

If you were to visit today, you’d see the effects of Apple’s acquisition as the Android filter has been removed.

I don’t think anyone should be surprised by the removal of Android from Chomp as it wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to continue supporting app discoverability for their competitor. You’ll also find the Chomp app has been removed from the Google Play Store and we’re still waiting to see how this will affect Verizon’s own Chomp-powered app search engine.

So that’s that. If you were using Chomp to help you search for Android apps, you’ll have to find yourself a new app search engine to use. iOS users, if you’re not happy with the search in the App Store, go ahead and give Chomp a try, we promise not to clutter it with our filth. Cheers!