Samsung Announces Record Q1 Profits, Exec Confirms Galaxy S(3)III Name

There’s no question Samsung has been the dominant force in the Android world. They’ve managed to nail multiple Nexus devices, and even managed to convince the world it needed a phablet. So it came as no surprise when Samsung announced record Q1 profits for 2012. Samsung pulled in nearly $40 billion in sales and a record $5.1 billion in operating profit (around $4.46 billion after taxes). Samsung has its mobile division to thank for the strong showing as it accounted for 78% of their profits. Samsung is banking on their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III to push profits even higher in Q2 and they’re already saying it will be “our most successful smartphone ever.”

I’m betting their intuitions will be spot on and I expect the Galaxy S III to make quite a splash in the market once it’s released. Interestingly enough, we feel confident referring to it as the Galaxy S III now that a Samsung exec let it slip during its Q1 2012 earnings call today. While we’re not sure if it will be the Galaxy S III or Galaxy S3, it’ll certainly be the Galaxy S three.

“We are anticipating very strong demand of GALAXY S III.”

We’re sure anxious to see this baby and we’ll have our chance in just under a week. Keep doing what you’re doing Samsung, seems to be working for ya.

, Samsung 2