Microsoft To Unveil Its New Music Service At E3, Coming To An Android And iOS Device Near You

A new music service by Microsoft is expected to rear its face at E3 and should give us a better look into the “Spotify-like” Zune replacement code named “Woodstock.” While we generally wouldn’t be too interested in Microsoft news, the new service is reportedly going to be cross-platform and will indeed be available for Android and iOS.

Microsoft’s new service is expected to launch later in the year alongside Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices and will feature Facebook integration, a “scan and match” function (similar to iTunes Match) and should allow Zune users to transfer over their subscription. Aligning the new service with the XBOX branding makes more sense and the fact that it will be cross-platform will give users the freedom to enjoy their XBOX service no matter what mobile device they choose. Good on you Microsoft.