Android 4.0 Tip: Easily Swipe Away Notifications, Recent Tasks, And Browser Tabs

Did you know it’s even easier to dismiss certain facets of information in Android 4.0? That’s right, with Ice Cream Sandwich you can easily swipe away notifications, recent tasks, and even browser tabs. Too many notification — just swipe ’em away. Too many tabs — just swipe ’em away. While it may seem trivial, you’d be surprised at how efficient swiping is versus closing something out with a back button, “close” or “X”. It requires no focus, no thought, just a quick swipe of the finger and unwanted information goes bye-bye.

Not all notifications will simply swipe away and may require your attention before disappearing but you’ll find the majority of them easily dismissible. Go ahead, give it a try. Open up some tabs in your browser or visit your recent apps and start swiping away.