Today’s The Last Day To Get Duke Nukem 3D Episode 1 For Free

The Duke is back, and this time he wants to let us know he’s free of charge. This classic first person shooter had reviewers furious over its release into the Android Market. It drew intense criticism for debuting as one of the first paid apps to include ads. It only took them one day (and dozens of one star ratings) to realize the error of their ways and release an update to remove the ads. It would appear that wasn’t enough to appease users and garner excitement as they are now offering the game for free in the Android Market.

This offer is only good for two days (one of which has passed) and gives users the ability to play the first episode for free. Of course if you’d like to play one of the other two episodes it will cost you. An in-app purchase for extra episodes isn’t uncommon and makes more sense if they at least offer the first one for free. I’m guessing they’re going to see how many people download the app while it’s free to see if it’s worth leaving it that way (there’s also the issue of re-listing it if they decide to go back to paid).

If you’ve been looking to stir up some gaming nostalgia then I recommend picking the Duke up while he’s free of charge. Head over to the Android Market now while the offer still stands.

Android Market Link | Duke Nukem 3D