After 30 Days With An iPhone, User Says iOS More Cumbersome [Video]

We’ve all seen the ridiculous Samsung videos where they pit some clueless iPhone users against one of their experienced gurus in an attempt to show how you can do more with a Samsung Android device. Well, one Android user decided to switch over to the iPhone to see for himself which of the operating systems was truly easier or “simpler” to use. After 30 days of using an iPhone, he finds iOS to be much more frustrating and actually more difficult to use. Well, not so much “difficult” as cumbersome.

Tasks he was used to completing quick and efficiently on Android seemed to take multiple steps on iOS. Since we already know how simple many of these tasks are on Android, I ask you iOS users (since I am not one), does this Android user have valid points or is he simply another clueless iPhone user similar to the ones Samsung hires? Give the video a look and give us your opinions below. Is it really this cumbersome to use an iPhone?