Path Says “We Have Hipster Filters Too,” Calls Them Lenses And Adds Them Into Latest Android Update

Path markets themselves as the “Smart Journal” that helps you share your life with close friends and family. Pictures are among the many things you can share through Path and after the “billion dollar” bombshell Instagram and Facebook dropped on the world, Path wanted everyone to know they too have hipster filters. It’s sort of a “hey, look at me” plea, but in Path’s defense, they have been doing a good job at keeping their app updated and warrant a look.

With this latest update, Path for Android users will now have the ability to filter their photos live with lenses such as: Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, Lomo, Country and LakePath. Path has had it’s share of setbacks and has recently bounced back after a brief security snafu. They certainly care about their product and if you’re tired of the whole Instagram thing or just looking for a new way to share your life, check out Path for Android.

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