Amazon Offering Sprint 4G Phones For A Penny In “Sprint Through Spring” Sale [Deal Alert]

Starting tonight and running until April 30, Amazon Wireless will be offering all Sprint 4G phones for a penny. Yep, those things you throw in water fountains or put in your loafers can score you a brand new 4G Android phone from Sprint. While they say “all Sprint 4G phones,” I didn’t see the Galaxy Nexus or LG Viper 4G LTE listed, so perhaps LTE devices aren’t included in this sale (bummer).

The deal is of course only available to new customers signing up for a two-year contract with Sprint. With Sprint done with WiMax and moving towards LTE, it’s no wonder these devices are practically free. Still, getting a Samsung Nexus S 4G for a penny isn’t that bad of deal — right?