Google Play Discounts 33 Music Albums To Ease The Pain Of Tax Day [Deal Alert]

Whether you’re banging your head against the wall over those missing receipts, crying over the bottom line, or simply being the last-minute kind of person you are, today’s tax deadline is sure to have you down. So what can you do to make the day a little more sublime? How about listening to some Sublime? Today only, Google is doing its part to help ease your suffering by discounting 33 albums in the Google Play Store to $2.99.

You’ll find artists like Sublime, Weezer, and Gang Starr in today’s playlist of deals and if you print your receipt you may just be able to claim these albums as business entertainment expenses on next year’s taxes. If it’s one thing Google has been doing right with its Google Play content, it’s the pricing of its music offerings (just wish video rentals were as cheap). Don’t miss out, head over to the Google Play Store today and pick up these Tax Day deals.

Google Play Tax Day Flash Sale