Carly Drops The Good Girl Act In T-Mobile’s Rebranding Efforts [Video]

T-Mobile has pretty much fallen off the face of the mobile earth ever since its failed marriage to AT&T. They’ve been pretty quiet since then and really haven’t wowed us with any new devices or announcements. The next “big” thing to hit T-Mobile is the HTC One S, which really isn’t that “big” of a deal. In an attempt to sell the One S to its customers as well as attempt a complete rebrand, T-Mobile will be unleashing the alter ego of Carly, the innocent girl in the magenta dress you’re used to seeing in those T-Mobile commercials.

T-Mobile will be pushing this rebranding featuring Carly in a slew of commercials and marketing print, but instead of her signature “good girl” dress, she’ll be donning a “touch of pink” leather suit and speeding off on her matching motorcycle to convey the appearance of a new cutting edge network equipped with the speed you need. We’re not sure if this rebranding will be able to pull T-mobile out of the hole they’re in and would much prefer they focus their efforts on acquiring a few top-notch devices.

What do you think, can leather clad Carly save T-Mobile?