Google Currents Adds Offline Reading, Instant Online Sync, And More In Latest Update

Google’s beautiful magazine-esque news reader has received its first major update today. The update takes care of a slew of issues but most importantly, it takes care of the painfully slow syncing. Users will now have instant online sync as well as sync speeds 7x faster than the previous version. Other improvements to the app include:

  • Offline reading – Choose favorite editions for offline images.
  • International – Currents now available worldwide (in 44 languages).
  • Translate – Translate complete editions to your preferred language. (38 languages).
  • Trending – Local trending stories provided for US, FR, UK, DE, IT, ES, JP, AU.
  • Bug fixes

It’s really a fantastic news aggregator that’s not only clean, but also free! If you haven’t tried out Google Currents, I suggest checking it out, and don’t forget to add the Cult of Android publication to your library. Cheers!

Both the Android and iOS app have been updated so hit up your respective link below:

Google Play Store

App Store