World’s First Intel-Powered Smartphone Set To Launch Next Month, Free 3D Avatar Included

It looks like we only have one more month before the world’s first Intel-powered smartphone is launched and we’ll finally get to see just how well the Medfield processor performs. Sean Maloney, chairman of Intel China, announced that the Lenovo K800 will be launching next month, and although he didn’t give us any specific dates, he did reveal the inclusion of Intel’s “Avatar” technology (nothing to do with James Cameron).

Beyond creating a 3D avatar of the user, we have no idea how this “Avatar” technology will be used but Maloney assures users more new technologies are in store for Intel-based smartphones. All eyes will be on the Lenovo k800 once it launches so Intel better have something special up its sleeve if it plans on causing some noise in the perpetual smartphone arms race.

, Weibo 2 via Engadget