Gameloft Shovel Passes NFL Pro 2012 Into The Android Market

As the NFL regular season comes to an end, some of you are destined to watch your favorite team sidelined from the playoffs and there’s nothing you can do about it — or is there? NFL Pro 2012 gives you a virtual world in which to enact your revenge on your rivals by playing and managing one of 32 NFL teams with over 2,000 real players.

Gameloft is on a roll lately and continues launching hit titles onto the Android Market. This one is no different other than its “free” price tag. That’s right, it’s free (with optional in-app purchases of course), and offers the ability to avoid any extra cost by completing challenges to gain new features. NFL Pro 2012 brings the astro turf to the palm of your hands along with great features such as:

  • THE ENTIRE NFL IS HERE – Thanks to the official NFL and NFL Players License, you can choose to play and manage any of the 32 NFL teams with over 2,000 real players.
  • UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL – Play matches to earn points you can use to unlock new stadiums, playbooks, stat boosts and much more.
  • FOOTBALL THE WAY YOU LOVE IT – Thanks to motion capture technology, enjoy stunning graphics and an impressive level of detailed player animations that include running, tackling, celebrating touchdowns and more.

  • – The improved AI promises a challenging game every time. You can also take on the advanced AI if you think you’re ready for the greatest challenge.
  • – Choose from over 200 plays to beat your opponents or use the Playbook Editor to create your own tactics to outwit the opposition.
  • – An assistant to help you make the right choices depending on time left, team skills and more!
  • AN EVEN MORE IMMERSIVE FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE – Finely tuned gameplay will give you unmatched control when running, tackling or passing.
  • NEVER LOSE TOUCH WITH YOUR TEAM – Get all the news about your favorite teams thanks to the official NFL RSS feed integrated into directly into the game!

So, are you ready for some football? Then follow the link below to grab NFL Pro 2012 from the Android Market today.

Android Market Link | NFL Pro 2012