The World’s Most Innovative Eye Wear Spotted At A Benefit For The Blind… Wait, What?

Boy did Sergey set himself up for this one. While internet trolls and meme generators pull overtime ripping Sergey Brin for showing up to a benefit for the blind wearing a prototype of what could very well be the most innovative glasses, well.. ever — we’re just going to say get over it. I mean Robert Scoble is wearing glasses too, should he be chastised for improving the way he sees the world just because he’s at a benefit (that they both are undoubtedly heavy contributors to)? Moving on.

The fact that one of Google’s co-founders is out and about sporting the highly anticipated Google glasses on his face shows us just how serious they are about the project, and how close we may actually be to seeing a commercial product. While haters hate, I’m genuinely excited about these glasses (and not just because I’m a Google fanboi) and will be first in line when they become available. I prefer innovation like this as opposed to just creating an array of handheld devices of every possible size. Now take my money!!!