Google Play now helps you avoid apps filled with ads

Play Store's new ad warning. Screenshot: Shoutfree/Reddit

Play Store’s new ad warning. Screenshot: Shoutfree/Reddit

While lots of Android users don’t mind seeing ads inside their apps so long as they don’t have to pay for them, others prefer to avoid ad-supported titles. And now the Google Play Store can help.

Late last year, Google told us that the Play Store would make it clear when an app contains ads — in the same way it tells us about apps that contain in-app purchases — by “early 2016.” It also forces developers to disclose whether their app is ad-supported when they upload it.

Now screenshots posted to Reddit confirm that change is to the Play Store. Some users are already starting to see “Contains ads” notices beneath the buy/install button within an app’s description.

Sadly, more and more developers are using ads to fund their titles because piracy is so rampant on Android. That means you simply can’t avoid them sometimes. But while unobtrusive ad banners aren’t so bad inside apps, they can be an issue in games.

If you’ve found they spoil the experience too much for you, and you’d rather not play ad-supported games at all, it’s not easier to tell which titles you should avoid.

Users report that you don’t need to install a Play Store update to see this change; Google appears to be activating it on the server side. That means you can’t install an APK to get the ad warning; you’ll just have to wait for it to come to your device.