Hundreds Of New Movies Coming To The Play Store Thanks To Deal With Paramount

Google continues to expand the array of content available on the Google Play Store and today inked a deal with Paramount pictures to bring hundreds of new movies to Google Play. Those living in the US and Canada can expect to see these new movies available in the Google Play Store within the next few weeks. Google Play continues to chug along and with the addition of Paramount, they now have five of the six major studios on board, as well as 10+ independent movie studios.

I haven’t been too impressed with the Play Store’s movie section, not because of the lack of titles, but because of the unreasonable rental prices. I’ve found old titles that I can buy for $5 at my local Walmart for rent on Google Play for $4. It’s that kind of price structure that has really kept me from renting from the Google Play Store. With Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, and a plethora of other movie streaming services, they need to give me a better reason to rent from them. They’ve done an excellent job with their Google Music offerings and some of the prices I’ve paid for albums and songs should be considered stealing. Bring that to the Google Movies and you’ll have my money.

If you enjoy renting from the Google Play Store, check back throughout the week for a slew of new movies from Paramount.