Google Calculator hits the Play Store with new Android Wear app

Google Calculator on your wrist. Photo: Google

Google Calculator on your wrist. Photo: Google

Google’s stock Calculator app for Android is now available from the Play Store, and it comes with a brand new Android Wear app that gives users the ability to perform simple calculations on their wrist without pulling out their phone.

A calculator? That’s not exciting, right? Maybe not, but it is good news if Google Calculator is your go-to calculator app.

By making it available through the Play Store, Google can no roll out Calculator updates as and when they’re necessary, rather than just baking them into Android updates that users have to wait months for. That should mean more frequent changes and improvements.

The first — and biggest in a long time — is a new Android Wear app. With Google Calculator on your wrist, you can perform simple calculations — addition, subtraction, division, and more — on your wrist without having to pull out your phone.

You should have Google Calculator pre-installed on your Android if you’re using a Nexus device, in which case, this release should be available as an update now. If you have a third-party device, you can download the app by following the Play Store link below.