BlackBerry app updates bring new features, big improvements to Priv

BlackBerry Priv gets big app updates. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

BlackBerry Priv gets big app updates. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

BlackBerry has today rolled out new updates for its Camera, Keyboard, Launcher, and Virtual Expert apps, bringing new features and big improvements to Priv.

Users can now record slow-motion video, sort apps into personal and work sections, enjoy better typing predictions, and more.

BlackBerry has been regularly rolling out nice improvements to its stock apps since Priv made its debut late last year — and these are some of its biggest so far.

With its Camera update, BlackBerry finally adds the ability to record slow-motion video. This is a feature that was introduced to BlackBerry 10 in late 2014, but Priv launched without it, forcing users to resort to third-party camera apps. But not anymore.

The Camera app also gets some under-the-hood enhancements that promise greater stability, and improved compatibility with selfie sticks — though I can’t imagine many BlackBerry fans using those on the way to the boardroom.

The Launcher update allows users to sort their apps list into recent, personal, and work sections, so that it’s easier to find the right ones when you need them. You can also sort the app drawer alphabetically, by most used, or by newest apps.

Tapping and holding on your home screen to enter the Launcher settings will now give you the opportunity to select a default home screen and delete a home screen. Sadly, you still can’t disable app icons on the lock screen, which some people (myself included) don’t like.

The BlackBerry Keyboard update promises improved predictions, corrections, and enhanced control from the physical keyboard. It also provides the ability to learn corrections and words from your emails.

Finally, the Virtual Expert app now lets you test your Priv’s GPS, Bluetooth, media card reader, and gyrometer.

All of there updates are available to Priv owners now inside Google Play. Here’s to hoping that BlackBerry’s Marshmallow upgrade follows soon.