Samsung’s keyboard case makes a comeback for Galaxy S7


Remember Samsung’s clunky keyboard case for the Galaxy Note 5? Believe it or not, it’s still not dead yet. In fact, Samsung thought it was worthwhile to make another one for the new Galaxy S7 series, and you’ll be able to get yours in March.

The Keyboard Cover is an ideal accessory for those who like to feel the click of physical keys. If you’re switching to a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge from a BlackBerry — or you were once a BlackBerry fan who wants that feeling back — it’s ideal.

It isn’t cheap at $60, and it certainly isn’t pretty, either. But this is the best keyboard case you’ll get for the Galaxy S7 if that’s something you’ll need. Samsung has designed it to work seamlessly alongside its device, so it is detected automatically, and the on-screen UI shifts up the screen to make room for it.

The Keyboard Cover doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection — the Galaxy S7’s display recognizes the keys you’re pressing — so it doesn’t require any power. It won’t burn your smartphone’s battery any faster, and it never needs charging.

If you really, really need a physical keyboard — and you don’t mind spoiling the Galaxy S7’s good looks — you’ll be able to pick up the Keyboard Cover next month.

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