Spotify for Android Getting ‘Major’ Revamp Soon [Update]

Those who use the music streaming service Spotify’s Android app have noticed that it’s not that good, at least compared to the company’s iOS app. The Android version doesn’t feature support for Ice Cream Sandwich and also crashes frequently on other versions. Luckily, a new report says the app is getting a “major” revamp soon. For an app that has “5 million to 10 million” users, the update is much needed. 

According to The Verge, citing an unnamed source, the “major” revamp is due out soon, but couldn’t provide any details on actual features. However, the publication did say that the update will feature numerous bug and stability fixes — which is much needed. The app hasn’t been updated since November 2011.. it’s about time!

I’m personally a huge fan of Spotify and am actually listening to a song using the service while writing this post. I’ve reached out to Spotify for comment in hope of learning more. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, you can download Spotify from the Google Play Store. It costs $10 a month to get unlimited streaming music from the service, but it’s well worth it in my book.

Update: A close source to Spotify who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed that a major update to the streaming music service’s Android client is indeed in the works, and will be announced soon.