YouTube notifications get ‘watch later’ shortcut on Android

YouTube's new 'watch later' option. Screenshot: Android Police/Paul Kolanjian

YouTube’s new ‘watch later’ option. Screenshot: Android Police/Paul Kolanjian

Google’s latest YouTube update for Android finally gives users the ability to quickly add videos to their “watch later” list with just one tap. The option ensures you don’t forget the latest videos from your favorite channels when you don’t have time to watch them right away.

Until now, YouTube’s “new upload” notifications haven’t been all that helpful. They will tell you when the channels you’re subscribed to publish a new video, but unless you want to watch it right away, you can’t do anything with them.

If you dismiss them, then, it’s up to you to remember to back and watch that video later. But not anymore. Thanks to the new “watch later” option, you can quickly add a video to your list so that it’s waiting for you when you get chance to watch it.

Not all Android users will see this update yet — like all Google updates, it’s rolling out in phases — so don’t worry if you aren’t already seeing the watch later option. It will be available soon.