AmazonWireless Leaves Beta, Adds 14 Day Price Matching And Free Premium Apps

Amazon’s Wireless store has proved to be a great place for buying Android devices on the cheap. We often recommend their great deals, and today we have good news about the website. AmazonWireless is now dropping its beta-tag and is adding two new features that will be great for the customers. AmazonWireless will now feature price matching and will now give customers a Free Premium Apps bundle when a device is purchased.

The new price matching feature will give customers the best price, crediting them the difference if a lower price is found on an eligible website.

As for the app pack, it’s currently valued at $25, and includes apps like Doodle Jump, Shazam Encore,Weatherbug Elite, and more. Seems like a pretty good deal for purchasing a phone, right?

For those unfamiliar, AmazonWireless features almost every device out there — from all four major U.S. carriers. There are also tablets and wireless hotspots available. So the next time you’re shopping for an Android device, perhaps check out AmazonWireless and let us know if you got a great deal so we can feature it!