Yik Yak stomps onto the web


Because it’s worth seeing how much your community loves you from a computer too. Photo: Yik Yak

The app that has become famous around college campuses is now ready to show itself in a different form: as a desktop website. The creators have been testing a web version of Yik Yak in private beta for a while now, but as of today the site is open for public use.

“The need for a web version of Yik Yak is obvious…” the team wrote in a blog post, “when your phone’s battery is on 2%, when you don’t have cell service, or when you just want to be able to reply to a yak SUPERFAST and simply can’t type the words quickly enough on your touchscreen.”

If you’re already a member of Yik Yak, all you have to do is visit yikyak.com and click Login at the top. Then verify your identity by typing in the mobile phone number you associate with the app. After that, for some reason you have to “authenticate” Yik Yak for the web by opening the mobile app and typing in the six-digit PIN that shows up on your iOS or Android device when you tap the More tab.


That post is colder than the weather. Photo: Yik Yak

Finally you’re free to go as long as you enable your current location, which is necessary for Yik Yak to function. The web version looks pretty similar to the iPhone app though it nicely takes advantage of the extra space with quicker access for commenting and larger voting buttons.

Yik Yak works best around college campuses or highly populated areas. Users anonymously share public status updates, photos or videos to the people in their area and the most popular submissions will get the highest rank from the community. You can check your own ranks in the Me section.

Other of the web version, you can download Yik Yak for free on Android and iOS.