For the next 24 hours, Project Fi is available to all

Project Fi is here. Photo: Google

Project Fi is here. Photo: Google

Have you heard of Project Fi? It’s Google’s dirt cheap cell phone network that gives you dirt cheap coverage, and even refunds you money on data you don’t use.

It’s a good deal, but if you want in on Project Fi, you’ve traditionally needed an invite. Luckily, though, for the next 24 hours, you can get into Project Fi, no questions asked. Why? Because Google just shipped the Nexus 5X.

To celebrate the release of the shipping of the Nexus 5X, Google is allowing users for the next 24 hours to sign up for the service, if it’s active in their area. Usually, you’d just get stuck on a waiting list.

If Project Fi isn’t in your area, though, don’t bother signing up. Google won’t et you in. Right now service for Project Fi is strongest in the major metropolitan areas: most of the east coast, a huge chunk of the west coast, a large portion of the Great Lakes area and the Bible belt. If you’re in Wyoming, Montana, or a Dakota, though, Project Fi probably isn’t for you, yet.

If you’re interested in Project Fi, you can sign up here. And if you want more info about the service, see our previous explainer.