Logitech’s new Circle camera is here to take on the Nest Cam

Keep an eye on the crib with Logi Circle. Photo: Logitech

Keep an eye on the crib with Logi Circle. Photo: Logitech

Logitech wants to help keep your home safe — and push devices like the Nest Cam out of it.

Its new Circle smart camera, which is being launched under the new Logi brand, delivers real-time HD video that lets you monitor your home remotely from an Android or iOS device.

Circle sports a clean and simple design that’s sure to fit in with your home decor, and it offers everything you could want in a smart surveillance camera. It also has unique features like two-way talk, which lets you listen to and communicate with people in your home.

With the companion app for Android and iOS, Circle can be monitored remotely, and you’ll get push notifications whenever it detects movement. Logitech uses this motion detection technology to deliver a feature called “scene intuition.”

Scene intuition lets Circle learn what kinds of movements happen in your home over time, then has the ability to separate common movements from what could be potentially dangerous ones. It then uses that information to highlight clips in the app to make them easier to find later.

The app also provides “Daily Briefs,” which are video summaries that include the day’s most important activities. It combines all the clips recorded during the day than squeezes them into one 30-second video you can watch at any time.

These features make Circle the ideal smart camera for even the busiest home owners. You can order yours today in black or white from Logitech’s online store for $199.99.