Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus Landing On April 22nd?

We pretty know everything there is to know about Sprint’s first 4G LTE handset, the Galaxy Nexus, except the price and launch date. Verizon customers, and customers on various networks worldwide, have already been graced with the Galaxy Nexus, but now its Sprint’s turn. According to a new spy shot from a Sam’s Club employee, the Galaxy Nexus is set to launch on Sprint April 22nd. Check it out:

The Verge obtained the shot from a tipster, who didn’t provide any information on pricing.

Compared to the Verizon version, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is virtually the same, except it has a 1.5GHz processor and Google Wallet support. As for 4G support, Sprint’s LTE 4G network is set to open up in a few markets by this summer, with a full roll out by 2014, so it looks like some of you may be stuck on 3G for awhile.

Along with information about the Galaxy Nexus, the leak also shows the low-spec’d Samsung Intensity III will be launching the 26th and that Sprint’s LG Viper LTE hotspot will be launching the 15th.

It’s not certain the validity of the shot, but it looks to be real. Whatever the case may be, we’ll let you know when the news becomes official!