Best Buy offers a big reduction on the Asus ZenWatch


Gather around, bargain hunters, this baby goes out to you. Photo: Asus

The Asus ZenWatch is now down to just $130 through Best Buy — $70 off its regular retail price.

Asus’ original Android Wear watch was recently sold by Google at a reduced price a couple of weeks ago, but while Big G’s promotion didn’t last long, third-party retailers are now realizing that they, too, need to incentivize folks on the fence about “gimmicky” smartwatches.

Best Buy officially gets the ball rolling, charging $129.99 online and in physical stores. At the moment, limited inventory doesn’t appear to be a problem, and if you hurry, the sleek Android Wear timepiece could be yours in a couple of days, tops.

Curvy and constructed out of robust stainless steel, the ZenWatch is decked with an elegant brown wristband made of genuine leather. The actual case is silver and rose gold inserts enhance the unique style and wow factor.

Granted, battery life isn’t ideal, and the absence of standalone Wi-Fi support may feel like a massive deal breaker as well. But on the bright side, the ZenWatch runs the latest Android Wear software, and now costs less than half of LG Watch Urbane’s price.

The recently-released Pebble Time is also significantly steeper at $200, while the Motorola Moto 360 starts at $149.

The latter remains the ZenWatch’s main rival, what with its circular watch face and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity — but it does have a slower processor.

Hopefully, Best Buy’s suit will be followed by other tech merchants soon, including Amazon, which continues to ask north of $170 for the ZenWatch.