New version of Google Glass will turn your boss into a Glasshole

Google Glass

Just when you thought you were safe from the Glassholes …

Google Glass has returned to keep looking like a really lame version of the future, according to reports. The company is rolling out a new, office-ready version of its augmented-reality wearable to businesses that aims to correct some of the problems of the earlier model.

The new hardware features a smaller form factor, prolonged battery life, and a faster processor.

These reports come courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, which cites “people familiar with the situation.”

“The new Glass is a curved rectangle, similar to the first Explorer version, but does not include a wire-like frame,” WSJ reports. “Instead, it has a button-and-hinge system to attach the mini-computer to different glasses.”

This smaller, more adaptable version of Glass would provide greater flexibility and make the hardware work with just about anything you can wear on your head, including safety goggles. Google’s Glass at Work partners, which work together with the company to developer software to use the new gear, include medical firms, museums, and manufacturing companies.

Surgeons have used Glass to assist in procedures and for education, and manufacturers could use it to streamline communication with assembly lines, shippers, and personnel. Google hasn’t officially announced the new hardware, but WSJ sources report that Google is still aiming to unleash its high-tech headwear on the public.

Google shuttered the first run of Glass late last year and threw the program back into development under former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, one of the designers of the original iPod, who went on to co-found smart-device maker Nest Labs. Google later bought that company, and Fadell “volunteered” to revamp the blighted wearable.

We don’t know what this means for Google Glass in the long run or when the consumer version will be upon us, but we’re sure the company will make a little more noise with that launch than this one.