LG straps the G4 to a drone for a stunning promo video

The G4's camera is just incredible. Photo: LG

The G4’s camera is just incredible. Photo: LG

There’s no better way to show of an incredible smartphone camera than by strapping it to a drone and flying it over some beautiful locations. That’s exactly what LG has done for its latest promotional video for the G4, and it’s an absolute stunner.

Since making its debut back in April, the G4 has become one of the best smartphones on the market for mobile photography, narrowly beating the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in most comparisons. That’s thanks to its 16-megapixel sensor and f/1.8 lens, the first of its kind on a smartphone.

The G4’s camera is so good that everyday landscape pictures and cat snaps just don’t do it justice, so LG decided to strap the device to a drone and fly it over some pretty locations. Sit back and enjoy the promotional video below.

The video does get a little shaky at time, despite the G4’s optical image stabilization, but the video is just gorgeous nonetheless — and I appreciate that LG left it untouched, rather than fixing in post-production software and delivering a somewhat dishonest example.

I haven’t been too tempted by the G4 since the device went on sale; I’m not overly keen on its design (I really don’t like the leather back panel), and I’ve never been a fan of LG’s Android software. But the more I see its camera in action, the more the G4 turns my head.