YouTube on Android Wear is pointless, but possible

But why? Photo: appfour

But why? Photo: appfour

Ever wanted to watch YouTube videos on your 1.5-inch Android Wear watch? Of course you haven’t, which is why Google hasn’t made a YouTube app for Android Wear. But someone else has, and you’ll be surprised at how well it works.

As demonstrated in the video below from the team behind Wear Internet Browser (which you should not watch on a watch), Android Wear watches are perfectly capable of playing YouTube videos — and they do a very good job of it.

Using a new app called Video for Android Wear & YouTube, playback is pretty smooth, you get play/pause controls and a scrubber, and you can even view the video’s description. What’s more, the app has Chromecast support built-in, so you can stream videos to your TV from your watch!

Wear watches don’t have speakers built in, of course, so if you want sound you’ll need to pair some Bluetooth speaker or headphones with your device. But honestly, is it really worth it for a video this small?

Your watch needs your smartphone for the data connection, so why not just watch it on that?

No matter how useful this app may be, it again demonstrates the versatility and capabilities of the Android Wear platform. It’s terrific that things like this are possible — and easy to obtain — even if they’re not all that useful.