HTC One X Launching On AT&T May 6th?

Many AT&T customers have been waiting for the HTC One X to land on the network, and today, we might finally have a solid date you can look forward to. Best Buy began offering pre-orders for the handset a few weeks ago, but gave no time frame for the release. Today, Best Buy has notified those who pre-ordered that the One X will be shipping May 6th. 

In an email obtained by Android Central, Best Buy says the release date for the One X has been changed to May 6th. We don’t know what the first launch date was exactly, but it’s interesting that the launch time was pushed back — at Best Buy at least. The email also provided the SKU number for the device, but still doesn’t return with any results on Best Buy’s site.

We still have no official word out of AT&T on a launch date, but we’re hoping to hear that soon. If you’re interested in the One X, you can pre-order it in Best Buy stores today!