Test Your Social Gaming Sea Legs With Disney’s Latest Pirates Of The Caribbean Game

Well shiver me timbers! Disney recently released their latest social gaming app Pirates of the Caribbean to the Android Market and it’ll have you living the scurvy life you’ve always dreamed of (eye patch optional). Embark on quests wrapped around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe as you create ships, build crews and plunder your rivals. The game is free to download and allows any willing scalawag to:

  • • Invite friends to join your crew, the bigger your crew the stronger you are!
  • • Battle other pirates to gain rewards and increase your standing.
  • • Buy cannons, weapons, amulets, and equipment to upgrade your ship.
  • • Explore exotic islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience.

So grab your favorite peg leg and badmouthed parrot and head on over to the Android Market. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to cannonball their friends!

Android Market Link | Pirates of the Caribbean