Skype’s web app finally supports your Chromebook

Where's video chat? Photo: Skype

Where’s video chat? Photo: Skype

One of the biggest apps that has long been lacking official Chromebook support is Skype, but that finally changed today with an update to the Skype web app.

Load the application up in Chrome OS, however, and you’ll notice a few glaring omissions.

Skype’s web app, which works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, is designed to make the platform more accessible. You can load it up anywhere on almost any computer and communicate with friends, without having to install the Skype application.

As of today, it extends its reach to Chrome OS and Linux — but with a catch; those who use the app on Chrome OS will quickly notice that only instant messaging is available, and not the video-calling capabilities Skype is famous for.

One of the reasons for this is because Skype on the web uses the WebRTC plugin to make voice and video calls possible, but Microsoft has promised that later on, it won’t be necessary. When that time comes, Skype will finally deliver all the features you expect on your Chromebook.

In the meantime, official support for instant messaging is a start, but you’ll have to stick to Hangouts for your conference calls.