Nokia president confirms new Android phones are coming


Nokia isn’t done making smartphones. Photo: Nokia

Nokia has confirmed that it will be reentering the smartphone market in 2016 with new devices powered by Android. The handsets will likely be manufactured in Sichuan, China, where Nokia will also relocate its research and development center.

The confirmation, from Nokia China president Mike Wang, comes just days after sources familiar with the Finnish firm’s plans leaked them to Recode.

Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft for $7.2 billion in 2013, and as part of the deal, the company agreed not to manufacture more smartphones until 2016. But Nokia is clearly planning to get back into the smartphone business as soon as that restriction ends.

Unfortunately, Wang didn’t reveal anything about the devices, other than confirming they would be powered by Android, but he did add that Nokia was planning to permanently relocate its R&D facility to Sichuan as well.

The move suggests Nokia could be looking to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Lenovo for a slice of the affordable smartphone market, rather than Apple and Samsung. But of course, this is all just speculation for now.