Moto Connect now lets you add your own images to Moto 360 watch faces

A face I quickly threw together just for you.

A face I quickly threw together just for you.

Motorola has updated its Connect companion app for the Moto 360, giving users the ability to upload their own background images to select watch faces, and share their favorite faces with their friends.

The app also offers to provide weekly email summaries of your activity.

Unlike many other Android Wear watchmakers, Motorola gives users the ability to customize the pre-installed faces; some have changeable backgrounds or hands, some allow you to enable or disable the date, and others offer additional information.

With Connect’s latest update, you can now upload your own backgrounds to selected faces to take customization to a whole new level. And once you’ve finished perfecting your own creation, you can share it with your friends.

Simply hit the “Share” button and choose how you’d like to send it, and the app will generate a picture of a Moto 360 with your face on it — like the one above.

In addition to this, Connect will now send you weekly email summaries with insights on your activity, so if you’re too busy to keep an eye on it daily — or you simply forget like I do — Motorola will remind you to see how you’re doing.

This update also improves the visualization of wellness data in Moto Body, and brings performance improvements that should make the app a little snappier. You’ll find the update in Google Play now via the link below.