Battle between iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 comes to a boil

You could say the battle is heating up. Okay, we'll stop now. Photo: TechRax

You could say the battle is heating up. Okay, we’ll stop now. Photo: TechRax

With strong reviews and positive word of mouth behind both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, the battle between the two flagship devices is what the smartphone-watching world deserves.

But there’s one more question that precisely nobody’s been asking up until now: Which one would survive longer in a tub of boiling water?

Yep, as wacky stress tests go, you can forget about accusations of bending — this one takes the cake.

The tortue test, as you might have guessed, is the work of offbeat Ukrainian YouTuber TechRax, whose apparent hatred of the latest gadgetry is matched only by his seemingly limitless supply of brand new handsets.

TechRax’s previous smartphones have found themselves buried in snow, crushed under the treads of a tank, and even attacked by angle grinders — all in the name of science, you understand!

This latest comparison probably won’t sway you in one direction or the other regarding iOS versus Android, but it’ll definitely make you question whoever’s paying TechRax’s credit card bill.

And, hey, for once it’s a stress test that both Apple and Android owners can come away from with a legitimate claim that they won!

Source: YouTube