HTC delays U.S. One M9 deliveries by one week

HTC will make early adopters wait for the One M9. Photo: HTC

HTC will make early adopters wait for the One M9. Photo: HTC

HTC has begun delaying One M9 deliveries to customers based in the U.S. by up to one week.

Early adopters who ordered their handset directly from HTC’s online store were originally given a shipping date of March 30, but some will now have to wait until April 7 for their device to be sent out.

“Without getting into details, we are already working on creating better processes to manage launches like this,” HTC explained in an email to customers, which was posted in the Android Central forums.

“The demand we experienced combined with shipping and process issues on our end made for a less than stellar product launch for you, our customers. To be totally transparent, and keep you up to speed on our shipping status, your HTC One M9 – Sprint – Silver will ship between Friday 4/3 and Tuesday 4/7.”

The news will certainly be a blow for those who were hoping to have their One M9 in time for Easter, but in an effort to appease those who are affected, HTC is offering a 25% discount on official accessories, including the new Dot View case for the One M9.

If you ordered your One M9 from HTC and you haven’t yet received a shipping notification, you might want to check your inbox.