HTC could be reconsidering Android 5.1 for the One M7

The HTC One (M7). Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

The One M9 could get Android 5.1 after all. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

After telling One M7 owners that their devices would not be getting an Android 5.1 update earlier this week, HTC Product Manager Mo Versi has published another tweet that suggests the Taiwanese company could be reconsidering its decision.

The One M7 has already received its Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade (well, most have), but Versi’s tweet all but confirmed that would be the last major update it would be getting — unless you have a Google Play Edition device.

Given that the One M7 is two years old now, we weren’t all that surprised, but still, a lot of users still clinging onto the device got a little upset about it — so much so that they may have persuaded HTC to change its mind.

“I heard you all on M7 5.1 for Carrier versions,” Versi tweeted on Thursday night. “Many of the fixes are already in our current SW, but understand your concerns. Stay tuned.”

While there’s no promise of anything, the tweet certainly suggests HTC is at least reconsidering its decision. And that’s better than ignoring the feedback altogether.

While Android 5.1 isn’t a major upgrade, it does deliver some significant improvements, including support for HD audio, separate media and volume controls, and screen pinning. There are plenty of changes under the hood that make it more stable, too.

Understandably, One M7 owners don’t want to miss out on those things.

As soon as we hear more from Versi or HTC, we’ll be sure to update you.