Google’s own Messenger app now supports animated GIFs



Google Messenger, the default SMS client for Nexus users and those with pure Android operating systems, now supports animated GIFs, allowing you to send awesome images like the one above to your friends. It also just got a great new widget.

Until now, Google Messenger was a basic — although clean and pretty — SMS app. But with its latest update, it adds support for increasingly popular animated GIFs, which many other default SMS clients do not support.

The update also brings a brand new widget that finally lets you access your messages from your home screen — just like you could with Hangouts and previous Google SMS clients.

While Google Messenger may not be your default messaging app if you’re not using a pure Android ROM, you can still download it from the Play Store. The app is compatible with almost all smartphones running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and up, and it’s totally free.