Samsung Rolls Out “Value Pack” To Galaxy S In Korea

Photo by (( κiκe )) -

As a substitute to Android 4.0, Samsung has today rolled out a new software update called “Value Pack” to the original Galaxy S in Korea. The update takes features from Android 4.0 and crams them into the company’s existing Honeycomb build. The full list of features the Value Pack includes:

  • Face Unlock (described as being low security)
  • The ability to take photo snapshots while recording video
  • A new photo editor
  • Font size adjustment in some apps
  • Improvements to folders and the launcher
  • A Smart Receipt installation icon

It’s not clear why Samsung didn’t just roll out the full build of Ice Cream Sandwich on to the Galaxy S, but the company did say it was unable to do so. Ice Cream Sandwich has been said to work great on lower spec’d devices, especially the similar spec’d Nexus S. Perhaps it’s because Samsung seems to really enjoy including its own software on devices. For example on its smartphones, Samsung has included the TouchWiz UI, which adds a custom skin and apps.

Perhaps this is a little push to finally upgrade?

[via The Verge]