T-Mobile Announces Plans To Update The HTC Amaze 4G And Sensation To Android 4.0

T-Mobile has sort of faded away ever since they attempted to join the dark side but they’re slowly climbing back into customers good graces. Today they detailed their plans to update a couple of HTC devices to Android’s latest and greatest Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC Amaze 4G and Sensation owners can expect to have their devices updated to Android 4.0 according to T-Mobile support documents posted online. The dates for the update are listed as TBD but the fact that these documents are up is a good sign.

This is good news for Amaze 4G and Sensation owners and it’s good to see T-Mobile working on updating their devices. Almost every Android user wonders when or if they will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, so any news is good news.