Amazon is bringing Firefly to its Fire HD tablets

Firefly on the Fire Phone. Photo: Amazon

Firefly on the Fire Phone. Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s Firefly feature from the Fire Phone, which identifies real-world objects and information, is coming to the retail giant’s more successful Fire HD tablets in an over-the-air software update that begins its rollout today.

Firefly is one of the Fire Phone’s most unique features, which is why Amazon likes to show it off its Fire Phone TV ads. It can be used to identify books, movies, posters, household goods, and more, and to read things like business cards and QR codes.

Firefly recognizes over 245,000 movies and TV episodes, 160 live TV channels, and over 35 million songs. Until now, it has been a Fire Phone exclusive, but Amazon today announced that it will be reaching its several generations of Fire HD tablets.

The company has begun rolling out the software update in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany already, but it’s likely going to take a few weeks to reach all users. Be on the lookout for updates on your Fire HD tablet.