Yes, your aging Galaxy Note II will get a Lollipop update


Who says Android makers don’t support old devices? Those still clinging onto Samsung’s near 3-year-old Galaxy Note II¬†will be getting an Android 5.0 Lollipop update, the company has confirmed, but they’re likely going to have to wait a long time for it.

The update was confirmed by Samsung Poland on Twitter in response to a user, however, it was accompanied by no release date. While this is great news for Note II users who probably weren’t expecting an update, then, it’s unclear for now when the software will land.

It’s likely to take a while, though. Samsung’s priority when it comes to Lollipop updates will be its most recent devices, so the Note II is going to be quite a way down the list. It’s unlikely it’ll get quite the same treatment as more recent models, either.

While you can expect all of Google’s Lollipop features and improvements to be baked in, the Note II probably won’t get quite as many TouchWiz improvements as handsets like the Galaxy S5 and the new Galaxy Note 4 have seen.