SwiftKey to be baked into OnePlus One’s next software update

SwiftKey on the One. Photo: OnePlus

SwiftKey on the One. Photo: OnePlus

OnePlus is offering¬†One users an alternative to Android’s default keyboard by baking SwiftKey, one of the most popular third-party keyboards available, into its next over-the-air software update. The company is also promising improved sound quality thanks to MaxxAudio integration.

“The OTA, which will begin rolling out to users very soon, will allow users to select the SwiftKey keyboard from their settings menu, no download needed,” OnePlus said.

While SwiftKey won’t become the One’s default keyboard, then, switching to it will be easier than ever — which is great news for long-time SwiftKey fans.

Google’s own Android keyboard, which is default in the One’s CyanogenMod software, has borrowed some of SwiftKey’s most popular features over the years, but the third-party offering still offers a greater level of customization. Users can also sync their SwiftKey data¬†between multiple devices.

The same software update that brings SwiftKey will also integrate MaxxAudio technology for better sound, OnePlus says, but at the moment, there is no specific release date other than “very soon”