Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge will be Gear VR-compatible

Gear VR will work with new Samsung Galaxies. Photo: Samsung

Gear VR will work with new Samsung Galaxies. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s $200 Gear VR is compatible exclusively with the Galaxy Note 4 for now, but that’s going to change over the coming months.

Sources say both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S Edge will support the virtual reality headset when they arrive in March.

The Gear VR instantly turns your Samsung Galaxy smartphone into a virtual reality headset, and based on its reviews, it does a pretty good job of it. But it has a few major downsides; it’s compatible only with the Note 4, it costs $200, and there’s very little content for it.

Samsung is expected to address at least one of those problems with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S Edge, SamMobile reports. But if they only have 5.1-inch displays as expected, how would they fit into a unit built for a 5.7-inch display?

“There are two possibilities,” SamMobile says. “Samsung is either developing a brand new Gear VR device to support the smaller display size, or the S Edge and the S6 feature a larger display.”

Personally, I think it’s more likely Samsung will launch some kind of attachment that allows smaller devices to fit snuggly inside the Gear VR. After all, the other two possibilities sound pretty unlikely.

If Samsung makes the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S Edge as big as the Note 4, there’s little to distinguish them — only an S Pen, really — and Samsung’s going to be upsetting a lot of customers who prefer a smaller device.

On the other hand, if it makes a Gear VR for different handsets, that’s not cost-effective — and again, it’s going to be upsetting existing Gear VR users who might want to upgrade to a newer Galaxy but cannot use their headset with it.

However Samsung approaches it, it’s got to be good news for the Gear VR platform as a whole. Adding support for more devices should bring more users, which in turn should bolster the catalog of content.