This is what Lollipop will look like on your LG G2

The G2 is next in line for Lollipop. Photo: LG

The G2 is next in line for Lollipop. Photo: LG

LG has already updated its flagship G3 to Lollipop, which means those of you with last year’s G2 are next in line for Google’s latest software. Not only will it bring new features, but plenty of nice design changes, too — and the video below gives you an early glimpse at what you’re in for.

The software may already look familiar to you, and that’s because it is very similar to LG’s Lollipop software for the G3. And that’s great for G2 owners, because it means you’re getting the same look and many of the same features without having to update your hardware.

Some of those features include lock screen notifications, Smart Lock, multi-user support, and of course, Material Design. Lollipop also brings significant battery life and performance improvements, thanks mostly to Google’s switch to the ART runtime. You can see some of these changes in the video below.

It’s unclear how this software was obtained ahead of its official rollout, but Albanno Tosska, the user behind this video, provides a link to download the ROM. Before you rush off to get it, however, you should know it’s only for the Korean G2 with the F320 model number.

I’ve been using Lollipop on my G3 since it hit the U.K. in mid-December, and it’s been terrific so far. While it isn’t as smooth as pure Lollipop on a Nexus device, the performance improvements it brings are certainly noticeable. Battery life is better, too, but for me, it’s still not quite good enough.