Are you ready for the Flappy Bird arcade game?


Get ready to wave goodbye to your life savings. Photo: Flappy Bird

What’s worse than an infuriating free game that munches up your patience and your spare time in equal measures? An infuriating game that you have to pay for, of course.

Having swept mobile gaming in 2014 (and inspired everything from Apple II mods and Pebble versions to Street Fighter II mashups in the process) Flappy Bird is reportedly making its way to arcades — courtesy of Bay Tek Games, which plans to blow the tap-to-fly mobile game to fill a 42-inch display.


There will be one notable difference, of course. Instead of tapping the screen to fly, players now hit a large red button to keep their bird in the air. Beyond that, it’s exactly the same.

“The recognizable Flappy Bird artwork, 42” monitor and colorful lighting will sure be a great addition to any game room,” Bay Tek Games says.

Since the original title was downloaded more than 50 million times (before being withdrawn by its creator for proving too addictive), with the average game lasting mere seconds, this sounds like the greatest money-making scheme ever for arcade-owners.

And the very worst for parents or gamers hoping to hold onto their quarters.

Source: Bay Tek Games

Via: Engadget